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Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

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My rating: 2 of 5 stars

3.21 Is-Stupidity-Infectious?! Stars Changed my rating because while writing this freaking long review I realized I actually hated the book. So....

2.12 I-Freaking-Hate-Stupid-People Stars

*will make a review full of stupidity later on* *sighs* *and it's gonna be either too fucking long (because I fucking hate stupidity) or too fucking short (because I would be too pissed off to finish it)*

I think I overdid my review a tad bit..........too much. *sighs*

So at first I was super excited...


I mean, revenge vs love, ain't that super cute?

But halfway there, I was like...


This is getting a tad bit too weird..


And then I was like...



And finally I ended up like this:


Although I did not flip my table like that (mom would fucking kill me if I did that since I was at hers when I finished the book..) the rage I felt was just like that.

I. Fucking. Hate. Wasting. My. Time. On. Stupid. People.

Lemme tell you a bit about the characters.

Erika is 19. Other than the fact that she's pretty stupid and comes from a rich family, I have got nothing much to say about her. She’s our tstl heroine.

Michael is 23 or sth. He was stupid like her and came from a rich family too. He was secretly lusting for Erika while not secretly hating her at the same time. Come to think about it, strike the hating part, he’s too pussy to hate anyone, so basically he wanted Erika but too much of a pussy to try and get her.

Trevor is 19 too and he’s Michael’s brother, and Erika’s high school ex-boyfriend. I’m not sure about his stupidity but I have a feeling he has a lot of loose screws when it comes to his head. He. Is. Fucking. Crazy.

Damon, Kai and Will are Michael’s friends. Together, the four of them formed The Four Horsemen. The Four Fucking Horsemen!!! This is the one part that makes me want to go kill myself again and again because:

1. They were so freaking powerful (though they were actually just some RICH punks) that even the teachers couldn’t say a word when they go pick up girls from school right in front of the class and their fucking nose!
2. FUNNILY despite how ‘powerful’ they were, they ended up in jails anyway. L O L

cry. baby. cry


Seriously, at some point the book did forget that it was not some kind of Vampire books that are full of unbelievable paranormal truth! *Reminds me of The Cullens but at least I knew from the start that it was all unrealistic*

So what's the book about?

Erika had a crush on Michael, her EX's older brother.
Michael hated her.
Trevor, Erika's ex-boyfriend, hate both of them.
Damon, Kai and Will, Michael's friends hated Erika too.
Fifi, which is ME, FUCKING HATED (and still do) Erika.

So basically the book is about everyone hating Erika.
And guess what? She didn’t even realize that! *Proof #1 of her Stupidity*


It all started three years ago when she was sixteen and Michael, Damon, Kai and Will were twenty.

Michael never noticed her, and then one day he did. Of course she fucking basked in his attention and somehow she got to join one of their “terrorizing-the-town-and-then-fucking-walk-out-unscathed” games.

But the next day brought a different story to her plate because:

1. Kai, Damon and Will got caught for a few offenses and then jailed for about three years because their past crimes finally caught up with them and bitten them in the ass. This was made able by a few videos going online of them committing such crimes. Somehow nothing linked the crimes to Michael though. Poor Michael.

2. Starting on that day Michael started to act like Erika didn’t exist though she basically lived with his family. She was deeply curious as to why but guess fucking what? It never crossed her mind to ask like fucking at all! *Proof of stupidity #2* Luckily, Michael was pretty stupid too when it comes to this (view spoiler) , so it makes them a fucking perfect pair <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Three years later she moved out of Thunder Bay (a super-rich neighbourhood where they lived) into the Meridian city, with a purpose of avoiding her past and Michael especially. GUESS FUCKING WHAT? She knew Michael lived there though so wtf is her definition of “AVOIDING SOMEONE”? Because to me that’s just plain S to the T to the U to the P to the I and to the D, STUPID! And she even bothered to be surprised when she met him there *facepalms* *Proof of stupidity #3*

So when they started acting all weird and cruel and kept pushing her around like she’s some kind of their plaything, can you GUESS FUCKING WHAT she did next?

She kept coming back. With no plans whatsoever, just braving them with her big empty head with the hope that her stupidity would fucking burn them to ash just like that. Real smart of her, don’t you think so? *claps hands* *Proof of stupidity #4*

Oh wait, I lied up there, she did have some other stuff to help her when she braved them fucking alone:

1. A big baseball bat that they retrieved in just about two seconds.
2. A small knife to cut someone. I repeat, someone. When she had four someones to fight.
3. “Let me go” on repeat. Seriously? *eyerolls*
Did she ask for anyone’s help? Her friends? Nope. The cops? Nope. Anybody? Yes. Fucking Michael to the rescue, the same guy that fucking planned the whole revenge thing, the same guy that kept torturing her. The same guy that stupidly didn’t even plan his plan right. *this is soooooo tiring..*

So….after all the revenge or maybe just 80% of the revenge had been done…the childish Four Horsemen suddenly realized that they have been aiming on the wrong person. Oops.


This is sooooooooooooooooo fucking saddening. You didn’t ask. You didn’t investigate it. You just went and go burn someone’s house and then stole their money. What would you get once you say sorry? AN EASY AND QUICK FUCKING FORGIVENESS BECAUSE SHE HAD THE HEART OF GOLD AND THE BRAIN OF A BLACK POT.



I'm not sure whether to cry or what now. I can't believe I actually finished the book. *numb*

Anyway, here's some other stuff that I think ridiculously put in the book to piss me off even more:

1.Characters. None of them are even NORMAL. All of them were fucked up. It made the book some sort of fantasy like to me when it's actually some sort of a contemporary book, not that I actually know what the word contemporary actually means though.

2. Her school, her college whatever. Does it even exists or did she made it up as a ruse to cover her stupidity of coming to the city? She was too stupid to attend college anyway...'

3. Inconsistency. One second she was all sassy and the next she reverted back to being stupid. One second she felt betrayed because he fucking ruined her life or sort of, and the next she was begging for his cock. One second that one second this. Loosely tied together strings of events!

4. Trevor. Seriously wtf is wrong with that guy? Jealousy can't be that fucking crazy unless of course you're crazy!! His father's son after all. He belongs to a paranormal book for sure. & Michael killing Trevor. His brother, no remorse whatsoever. so. fucked. up. And they didn't even have a 'traumatic' childhood to make up for such twisted act.

5. THE THREESOME. I don't like threesomes but random threesome for the purpose of 'healing' someone thrown at me when there's no fucking need for it in the book? I. HAVE. NO. WORD. FOR. IT.

6. I'm tired. Can't find the energy to point out more reasons. K bye.



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