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Reasonable Doubt: Volume 2 by Whitney Gracia Williams

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3.5 Just-Because-It's-Making-Me-Wait-Fucking-Again-But-I-Really-Have-No-One-to-Blame-Because-I-Still-Proceeded-to-Read-It-knowing-That-the-Third-Volume's-Not-Out-Yet Stars

Time for a fucking summary! 


Stage One:

A hazy answer (so let me give you a hazy something to appease you)

“How many women do you think a man could possibly screw in his lifetime?” The vendor handed me my change.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’ve stopped counting.”
“Stopped counting, eh? What did you do, get to ten and decide that was enough before settling down?” He pointed to the gold band on my left hand.
“No. I settled down first, then I started fucking.”

Stage Two: Angry Sex (now use your imagination)


Stage Three: Dirty Talk (again use your imagination)


Stage Four: More hazy infos (lemme give you a fucking hint again)

“It’s a contested divorce,” he hissed.

(he's obviously pissed off so I really can't give you more *sighs*)

Stage Five: He can be a bit sweet I guess... (lemme give you a taste of it)

“I don’t think you’re horny right now though.”

“Trust me. I am.”
“Maybe, but I think you called me because you like me—because you want to hear my voice since we haven’t talked on the phone in a while.”
“I called you because my dick is hard and I want to make you cum over the phone.”
She laughed again. “So, you don’t like me?”
“I like your pussy.”
“So, the white roses and the “He’s just yelling at you because he knows you’re the best/Don’t let him get to you” note that was on the hood of my car today weren’t from you?”
I hung up. (ANDREW's POV)

Stage Six: A lesson in cock sucking (imagination time!)


Stage Seven: Lets play push and pull fucking again (you know the whole I want you, I don't want you drama..)

Stage Eight: A Baby Girl? ('A Baby Girl' is just another definition of CLIFFHANGER I guess)


End of Book 2.


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