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Pieces of Rhys by L.D. Davis

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The-Girl-Was-Funny-(Thats-A-Compliment)-But-She-Was-A-Bitch-(Thats-So-Not-A-Compliment!) Stars



(I have a feeling that the cover is competing in a Who-Could-Be-The- Ugliest Competition, I'll surely vote for it if that is true..)


Do you have an object of obsession? For Lindsey, her obsession is the deadly sexy Rhys, who makes her toes curl, her temperature rise, and other parts of her body react beyond her control. Rhys always avoided emotional attachments to women…until Lindsey; but a dark family secret keeps Rhys from giving Lindsey the commitment she deserves. Lindsey discovers Rhys's secret the hard way while her own dark past occasionally rears its ugly head. Laced with laugh out loud humor and steamy moments, follow Lindsey as she collects pieces of Rhys in her quest to find the whole man.


The girl was funny. Remove everything from the book and I might have loved it. And by everything, I mean: 

description her being so stupid letting her abusive husband bug her whenever he wants (WTF? He abused you for years, and after a divorced you let him come and leave just as he please? Might as well invited him back into your life!)
descriptionRhyss for pushing her away but wanting her to stay at the same time (SERIOUSLY, that cliche? I am speechless here!)
descriptionher looking down at fat and hideous people (What a Bitch!)
description the rest of the book.



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