Monday, December 9, 2013

Maybe This Time (Maybe, #1) by Chantal Fernando

Posted by miss fifi at Monday, December 09, 2013
2.75 Perfect-Is-Currently-Hell-Bent-On-Avoiding-Me Stars

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Hey, it's me again!


So...I'll make a pretty short rant this time..


(Left is ME if asked whether I want to read a book full of alpha males (aka. Maybe This Time) and right is how I will react if told I was so easy to attract)


(Left is a NORMAL person reading this book, and right was ME reading the book.)


(Above was Me reading the said book (view spoiler))


(Above was ME participating in an Eye-Rolling Marathon everytime Reid the Douchebag did something to hurt Summer and she FORGAVE him (view spoiler))


(Above was me obviously PISSED OFF at the RIDICULOUS ending (view spoiler))

But guess what?


Because I have finished the book and there's nothing I could do to un-read it :)

p/s: The book had a potential to get a four from me (WHICH WAS QUITE GENEROUS FOR SOMEONE WHO'S STINGY AS F*CK LIKE ME) because it was quite fun but Reid somehow disliked hated a four and begged for a three by acting very ASSHOLE-ISH again and again.


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