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Hellion (Rebel, #2) by Elle Casey

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I-Tried-To-Like-Quin-And-I-Tried-Hard-But-I-Couldn't-Because-She-Was-Too-Much-Of-A-Bitch-For-My-Liking Stars


Will bitch about Quin when I feel like it :) Time to bitch about Quin fellas! No, I'm not in the mood to be a bit of variety in my language ;)



(Hmm, that model is YUMMY but that cover is UGLY.)

Quinlan Torres has responsibilities - one more year of college, a brother who needs a lot of extra supervision, and a best friend in the middle of a hostile takeover of her late father's company. The best thing for her to do would be to keep her head down, her eye on the ball, and her mind clear of any distractions. Problem is, her best friend's boyfriend has this brother...


Lets meet Quin.


And Mick.



The book is pretty much a story of how a BITCHY bitch fell for the PATIENT bad boy. He wasn't even really a bad boy, just a tat here and there but other than that, he was pretty much a normal teen in love. Cheesy as that, I don't even know why he was nicknamed HELLION. However, Quin is another story altogether. After Tegen, I didn't know that I was capable of hating a character more but this book was the magical prove of how wrong I was. Quin is now on the top of my BITCHES-I-HATE-TO-DEATH list. 


It all rooted on one TINY but IMPORTANT thing:

She. Was. Fucking. Rude.

Excuse me while I quote probably half of the book to show you what I mean:

#1 : Quin Educating Her Brother.

“Dad’s a damn liar.” I tap away at the keys, putting another bulleted point on the list of things I want the lawyer to see.
“Dad’s a damn liar,” he says. “Dad’s a damn liar.”
“That’s what I said. Don’t wear it out.”
“Dad’s a damn liar.”
I ignore him. It’s the only way to get him to shut up. He gets wound up with too much attention paid to him.
“Mom’s a damn liar.”
I can’t help but grin. “You should go tell her that.”
“I’m not stupid, you know,” he says.
I look up to find him frowning at me.
“No one said you’re stupid. I’ve said you have half a brain, but that’s only an expression.”
“What does it mean?”
I sigh, feeling just a touch guilty. “It means you’re awesome cuz you’re not like other lame kids. Now can I please do my work?”
“Dad’s a damn liar,” he says.
“Yeah, I know.”
“So is Mom. Mom’s a damn liar.”
“I’m gonna go tell her.” He crawls out from under the desk. “I’m gonna go tell her right now.”
“Good. Go tell her,” I say absently, not really paying attention to him.

Her parents were wonderful nice people. But that's it, she called them liars and even taught her retarded brother to call their parents liars. That's how bitches and assholes are born, mind you.

#2: Quin On Treating People Who Are Trying To Be Nice To Her and To Her Brother

“Hey, no offense, but fuck off, okay?”
Mick leans away, his expression going dark. “No offense? Kind of hard to not take offense to that, don’t you think?”

Yeah, that's how we do it Quin style, tell them rudely to fuck off just like that and expect them to be all happy with us. And please keep in mind that we are supposed to do this with other people in present just to embarrass the subject more :)

#3: Quin On How To Be Dense

“Grape. It’s very grapey. Come on, Mickey Mouse, come with us.” Jersey holds out his hand for Mick.
Mick hesitates, looking from the doctor to me to Jersey.
“You’re welcome to join us if you’d like,” Doc Harper says, giving me a knowing smile.
“He’s not with me,” I say, holding up my hands at my chest and waving them back and forth. “He’s Jersey’s new BFF.”
The doctor stops and frowns at all of us.
“Nah, man, I know her,” says Mick, his face going a little red. “It’s not like that. I’m with her too.” He glares at me.
“What?” I say, mystified as to why I’m on the shit list now.

Treat people rudely, and then question why people think that you're a shitty person. Real classic. Take note everyone!

#4: Quin On Accepting Help

“He needs to spread his wings a little and be out in the world on his own if he’s ever going to be independent. But let’s do this in baby steps, okay?”
“I don’t see why he needs to be independent at all. I think you guys are nuts.” I grab my purse and throw it over my shoulder, disgusted with the conversation already. Jersey is way too vulnerable to be independent. I’ve watch for twelve years while he’s been systematically been bullied, hurt, and manipulated by evil kids. I can only imagine what adults would do to him out in the real world.
“You don’t agree?”
“No. I don’t.” I’m more than irritated now. The holy mother of all cusswords is banging on the door of my mouth, begging to be let out. Man, it would feel soooo good, too.
“And what would you have us do?”
I throw up my arms. “I don’t know. Just … keep him busy and watched over.”
“Who’s going to do that? Your aging parents?”
I shrug, sticking my chin out in challenge. “Sure. Why not?”
“Because I assume one day you’re going to want to get married and have children of your own.”
“So? Jersey’s not going to stop that from happening.” I’m two seconds away from bobbing and weaving my head around in true home-girl fashion. Doc Harper has my back up now.
He presses his lips together and sighs. “You say that now… but you cannot possibly imagine how difficult it would be to raise a newborn with Jersey in the house.”
This is the first time I’ve ever been angry at the good doctor. I hate to think what he’s suggesting about my brother or me.

That's it people. When someone gives us the RIGHT advice, take the advice the WRONG way. And no, the fact that the one who's giving the advice is someone with lots of experience won't stop us from from being bitchy and throwing a tantrum over all the advice given.

#5: Quin On Interpreting Simple Things

“Come on, Mickey Mouse. Time for dinner.”
“He’s not staying for dinner,” I say as we go out to the car. “He’s busy.”
We get in the vehicle and I start it up, looking in the back seat to be sure Jersey is putting his seatbelt on.
“Are you busy?” Jersey asks, looking sad.
“Yeah, I’m pretty busy,” Mick says, settling into the front seat next to me. “Maybe another time, J-man.”
I’m angry at his answer. Does it mean he’s regretting hanging out with my brother? Does it mean he hates me?

When someone is Just. Busy. we are supposed to interpret it in a thousand worse ways. There's no such thing as accepting it for what it truly is. Just imagine all the worse things you could.


Hmm I gave up at 15% trying to point out why she annoyed me but she was far too annoying for me to continue. So go read it yourself if you feel like exploring her bitchiness more ;)



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