Monday, December 9, 2013

Far Too Tempting by Lauren Blakely

Posted by miss fifi at Monday, December 09, 2013

Can-You-Umm-Bring-Something-Umm-NEW? I-Just-Hate-Rockstars-Too-Much-For-My-Own-Good Stars



I have been hearing bout the WORD OF THE DAY game for a plenty of time now.. I think it's time for me to try that shit too..

So my WORD OF THE DAY for today is FAR TOO... Okay, that's two words hence BREAKING the rule..but do I look like I care?


Now, lets use the word to make sentences to freaking describe the book from MY view..

ONEFar Too Boring I almost cried due to the boredom of reading the book but since I was a sadist, I read it anyway)

ONEFar Too Dull (Even the manual for setting up my new fan was even more interesting than the book)

ONEFar Too Disappointing (For a book with an average rating of 4 Stars, I was hugely SHOCKED by how SO not as EXPECTED the book had became, and my expectation wasn't that high..)

ONEFar Too Cheesy (I hate cheese and EVERYTHING associated with it, so I hate CHEESINESS too..the whole I-am-So-Popular-That-Everyone-Knows-Me shit didn't work for me)

ONEFar Too Far (I was talking bout the distance between the front cover to the back cover..too freaking long for me, might have worked if the book was just 20 pages long or less than that :D)


So in conclusion, the book was FAR TOO NOT-FOR-ME. And yeah, the WORD OF THE DAY shit wasn't created for someone like me, so I'm done. Bye.



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