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Carter Reed by Tijan

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Carter ReedCarter Reed by TijanMy rating: 1 of 5 stars
Emma decided to skip the gym and went home early. It was the last easy decision she made because she found her roommate being raped by the boyfriend. She had two choices. Call the cops and be killed by his family’s mafia connections or kill him first and hope to survive. There was no choice to her. She killed the bastard first and went to the one person who could protect her. Carter Reed. He’s a weapon for the rivaling mafia family, but he’s also Emma’s secret. Not only was he best friends with her brother, but she’s the reason he became that weapon in the first place.

My Thoughts:


1.5 Messy Disappointing Stars


Hello Everyone, it's Fairytale Time!


Our awesome fable for today is the amazing "The Princess and the Pea Book"


I know you guys are pretty excited to hear this one, so lets begin now!



Once upon a time there was a pathetic bookworm princess who wanted to read a fantastic kick-ass mafia book (after obsessing over Tears of Tess for a few days); but she couldn't find the right mind blowing book. She travelled all over Goodreads to find one, but nowhere could she get what she wanted. There were awesome enough books, but it was difficult for her to determine which one to devour. There was always something about the books that didn't fit her preference. So she visit her Kindle again and was sad, frustrated, devastated and upset, for she would have liked very much to have a captivating and maybe hot read.

One evening a terrible storm of awesome books came on; there was thunder of reviews and lightning of ratings, and the rain of discussions poured down in torrents. Suddenly a deafening knocking was heard at the city gate, and the princess went stormed to open it.

It was a book titled Carter Reed standing out there in front of the gate. But, good gracious! what a sight the rain of bad reviews and the wind of terrible ratings had made it look. The water of mixed reviews ran down from its cover and synopsis; it ran down into the front of its cover and out again at the back cover. And yet it said that it was the fantastic book the princess was looking for.

Well, we'll soon find that out, thought the snappy but giddy princess. But she said nothing, went to grab the book, uploaded it to the her Kindle, and added the book on Goodreads; then she set herself to update her reading status now and then.

So reading the book was what the princess did for a couple of hours. In the morning she was asked how the book was.

"Oh, freaking frustrating!" said she. "The book was a torture, a painful one. The characters were ridiculously unrealistic (an epic fail), the plot was kinda blurred (another epic fail), the details were creepily and confusingly missing (another epic fail), certain parts were overly exaggerated (another epic fail), some questions never got answered (another epic fail), some explanations never showed up (another epic fail), and for God sake, can at least one character be freaking focused a bit for a second?! Stop jumping from one emotion to another emotion and from one assumption to another assumption! That was so f*cking tiring! (another epic fail). Seriously, the book would be perfect for people who want to torture themselves."

Now the princess knew that judging a book by its cover and several great reviews was a stupid mistake. That was how she learned her lesson : go wait for the hypes to calm down first before devouring the book!

Nothing but a torturous read like that could prove how the hypes were not what you should fully rely on when it comes to reading.

So the princess learned her lesson and is now stalking new books to read.

There, that is a true story.


----------The End----------



The fable was my retelling of this :)



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