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Unbeautifully (Undeniable, #2) by Madeline Sheehan

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Unbeautifully (Undeniable, #2)Unbeautifully by Madeline SheehanMy rating: 4 of 5 stars
Warning: This is not a story about fate or destiny. This is a story about pain, sorrow, and suffering. This is an impulsive whirlwind romance between two lovers that are not meant to be together. Theirs is not a world with sunshine and roses. Instead, their love blossoms in a secret world full of crime, violence, and death. Their story is about what can be born from nightmares.
Danielle “Danny” West is the daughter of Deuce West, President of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. A sweet and beautiful girl, she loses her way, searching for things that are always out of her reach. Erik “Ripper” Jacobs is the Sergeant of Arms in the Hell’s Horsemen. Once a man who always had a smile on his face, his life takes a turn for the worst when a tragedy befalls him, leaving him scarred and broken. During a midsummer night, Danny and Ripper’s paths cross, forever changing their lives. Hastily, their lust turns to love until another tragedy forces them apart. On a journey that is marred with ugliness and chaos, Danny and Ripper must discover if their unforeseen connection can find the beauty in their world.
This is Danny and Ripper’s story.
Everything has beauty. Even the ugly. Especially the ugly.
Because without ugly, there would be no beauty.

3.5 captivating stars :) Lets see, what have we got here?

A spoiled biker princess? Check.
A cowardice badass biker? Check.
A never-ending sizzling chemistry? Check.
A lot of fucked-up situations? Double check.

So this is the story of how two people had sex and then somehow magically managed to turn their lust to love.

Danny is our heroine. She was pretty much a spoiled biker princess who was kinda sheltered from a hard life. She wasn't that experienced in sex but somehow he managed to make Ripper, a man-whore, to be addicted to having sex with her. (Magical much right? It's a fiction book, not a freaking memoir, so suck it up!)

Ripper is your cowardice hero. He was scarred, which means ugly as f*ck and somehow managed to make Danny, the beautiful Hell Horsemen's Prez's daughter, to like and then love him. Ain't he lucky? He could get a free bullet on his head for even contemplating taking her out for a date, yet he's f*cking her? Not good...unless they kept it a secret from they did just that.

But then sh*t hit the fan when something bloody happened and Danny was forced to do something that she was supposed to regret for life (yet she didn't because she was quite heartless I guess). Ripper took off running just to show how f*cking great he was at being a coward. (and dam if he wasn't a master at that). And Danny being Danny finally decided to show everyone at the Club that she was really a BRATTY SPOILED biker princess, thus pissing off her dad, Deuce, (but mostly me, I had a slight depression while reading this part) by moping over Nothing. (that Nothing being Ripper and guess what? None of the bikers freaking knew that it was him. Maybe it was because the bikers were a bunch of idiots?)

So time passed by..(which thankfully was a quite fast event in this book) and Ripper finally returned Danny dating ZZ. (don't worry, it was a typical thing for girls and boys to hop from bed to bed in the club, because you know, it would kill them not to have sex because they were born hornier than normal human). The coward was pissed at the brat. (which was kinda unrealistic for me because that's like an idiot calling another idiot an IDIOT)

*Fast forward* ( I got sick of this slow storytelling )

Danny broke a heart. Ripper broke a few bones. And they had their happy ever after, biker style.


(Surprisingly, the book didn't annoy me as much as book one did. But seriously, WTF is wrong with these slutty bikers and club whores? Is it really that damn hard to keep it in your pants???)


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