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Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt

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Sanctuary of MineSanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt
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There's something very peaceful about being in love. It can make you light as a feather; so blissfully unaware of anything else of importance. It can make you feel anger, rage, jealousy and lust all in one sentence. But the most important thing that love can give a person is certainty. Certainty that love, real love, will always pull you through your darkest days.

Mackenzie is a girl with an eating disorder.


“I may not be able to control who loves me and who likes me. Who stays and who goes. But one thing is for certain. I can control this. Somehow that rings untrue as the little voice inside my head taunts me too. It controls you! It controls you!”

Tyler's sister died because of her eating disorder.

Mackenzie Deeks may not what friends but I'm determined to be hers, whether she likes it or not.


This is the story of a girl who tortures herself

I punish myself. I starve myself. I torture myself, mentally and physically.


and a boy who's determined to save her.

"I think she'd be worth the fight."

but will love be enough?

“I look a complete and utter mess, not at all like the pretty girl my dad used to call me. But for some reason, I feel better and in control. It’s like with one simple purge I feel like a weight as been lifted from my shoulders. That feeling is kind of euphoric, which makes doing it kind of addictive.”


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