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Never Too Far (Too Far, #2) by Abbi Glines

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Never Too Far (Too Far, #2)Never Too Far by Abbi Glines
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book followed the story of Blaire and Rush after their freaking break up in book 1.


Blaire ran away once, now she's back..but nothing is the same...

“She may have had enough time to deal with things. What if she does come back? What will you do?” Grant asked me.
What would I do?
I’d beg.

And she's still affected by Rush, in every way possible...

He was lethal to my emotions and good sense. Distance. We needed distance.

Space… we needed space. And I needed to cry.

And to complicate matter, she's freaking pregnant.

"...I’m a desperate man who will take whatever the hell he can get when it comes to you.”

She was confused, so she decided to do things her way.

I hated liars… but I was about to become one for awhile. This time it was me that had a secret to keep.

She may needs Rush, but she ain't gonna let her world revolve around him.

I was really doing this. Letting go of what was safe and taking the first move in finding my place in the world.

And the sweet but mostly stupid Rush is too much for her, in every way possible.

“No. One. Comes. Before. You.”

In the end Blaire knows that they belong to each other.

It was the first time I didn’t feel alone in a very long time.

But is love enough for them?

Pretending the fairy tale was real had been amazing. But it hadn’t been real.


My Opinion

This book infuriated me. Oh wait, let me rephrased that, the characters freaking infuriated me! Seriously, everyone annoyed me in this book. The first character would be Blaire and her indecisiveness! Woman, for God sake, you're about to be a mother, use the big head of yours and use it to think of an appropriate future for your baby, and not just yourself! next, there's freaking Rush. Dude, you're about to be a freaking dad, stop acting like a horny lil boy and man up! There's Nan. Woman, I get it that you're a bitch, just bitch somewhere else okay? And there's also Abe. Whatever your explanation for being a douchebag, it won't help. It only made me feel like you're not just a douchebag, but a stupid one at that!

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