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Effortless (Thoughtless #2) by S.C. Stephens

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Effortless (Thoughtless, #2)Effortless by S.C. Stephens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*sighs* Where should I start? I loved the story although I hate dramas. Why? Because S.C. Stephens is just that freaking talented in keeping me engrossed with the story.

In this book, the most important element is TRUST .


As we all know, Keira made like tons of mistakes in book 1 and it all started because she fell in love with Kellan. They truly loved each other but insecurities kept floating in the air.

That’s what you get when your relationship starts by betraying someone—a never-ending well of doubt. If we could do it to someone, it could be done to us.

They were trying hard to fully trust each other, but the past kept rearing its ugly head making them question everything.

“It doesn’t matter. That’s his history,” I smiled weakly, “and I’m his future.” Hopefully.

But learning from her mistakes, Kiera learned that she had to let Kellan enjoy what he loved, MUSIC, and she refused to keep another man's from his dream. So she let distance came between them in the form of a tour.

I had no desire to live his life, but I would happily bathe in the aftereffects of it. Our path to each other had been a harrowing experience; his joy now brought me joy. I’d much rather see a delighted smile on his face than tears in his eyes.

We’d never be Kiera and Kellan again…not like we were anyway. I hoped that the new Kiera and Kellan would be stronger and more trusting of each other…but I didn’t know for sure where we’d end up. And the unknown is a terrifying thing.

But with distance, came more doubts...

Even if he was experiencing something profound with me that he’d never had before—a true, deep to his core love—my greatest fear was that now that he’d been opened up to love, he could find it again with someone else if he wanted to.

and insecurities...

It was one thing for Kellan to be admired by so many people, it was quite another to for me to be judged on whether or not I was worthy of his affection.

She loved him and he loved her. There's nothing that could come between them... But will that be enough when they start keeping secrets from each other?

...the fact that Kellan had known I was holding something back…and that he’d let it go because he didn’t want to divulge his own secrets.

This book tells the tale of Kiera and Kellan growing up and learning from their mistakes while fighting for their love.

“I remember every single time with you. Even before we were together, being with you haunted my dreams. I couldn’t forget, even when I wanted to…”

“I know I’m not the easiest person to love…I thought maybe you’d had enough…”

“Loving you, Kellan, is so easy, it’s effortless.”

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