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Axel (Corps Security, #1) by Harper Sloan

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Axel (Corps Security, #1)Axel by Harper Sloan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"Amor Vincit Omnia... Love Conquers all."

Isabelle and Axel had been in love with each other since they were teens. But one freaking deployment to the marine separate them.

People say karma is a bitch but I have news for you, karma doesn’t have anything on fate when she is after blood. Not a single thing.

It wasn't meant to be a long separation but it became one when misunderstandings took place.

“Fate might hate me, but that doesn't stop me from hoping one day she forgets about her favorite chew toy. When that day comes I hope karma has some fun with that bitch fate”

Isabelle waited and waited but he never came for her.

"Cut off from those I loved and so terrified of his wrath; I wasn't going anywhere. Those were the years I prayed and prayed for Axel to find his way back to me… but I eventually had to face the facts… my hero was gone."

Axel returned to find her already moving on.

The girl ripped my heart to fucking shreds and I never knew why. It would have been quicker if she had stuck around and shot me in the fucking chest. At least I would have died instantly, instead of bleeding out slowly for the last twelve years.

And then fate intervened and they met again.

Both were full of anger. Anger of betrayal. Anger of pain. Anger of fate.

But there was no denying the feelings were still there, as thick as they used to be.

I have finally come to the realization that I’m not ready to let her go. Not again. And if I’m being totally honest with myself, I haven’t ever gotten over the fact that she was and always will be ‘it’ for me.

"I won't let you go until we figure it out. Not happening. Do you feel it? Every single thing we ever felt for each other, it is still there Izzy and I won't let you push me away. We walked back into each other's lives for a reason... There isn't one goddamn thing that will tear us apart again. Lost too much time already, Princess. Too much time that I should have had you right here in my arms… Not one day went by Izzy that my heart didn't belong to you."

After all the problems thrown their way, they should have a happy ending right? Go figure it out yourself.

“I love you, Axel Reid. I have loved you forever and I will never stop. Made for me, baby.”

“Fuck, baby but the love I have for you is so fucking strong sometimes I wonder if it will crush me.”

My Thoughts with minor (or is it major?) spoilers.

(view spoiler)[I loved everything about the book except one : Isabelle West.

I would have given the book a five star rating if it wasn't for the frustration the book induced from me everytime Isabelle freaking pushed Axel away. I pitied her for the abuse and all but I couldn't freaking accept the fact that she didn't freaking bother letting Axel explain nor did she explained anything to Axel for most of the freaking time. Seriously, that girl is one of those freaking reasons why MISUNDERSTANDINGS took place in most books/scenes/story. Can't forgive her for that because it annoyed the heck out of me! (hide spoiler)]

The author is brilliant, I would definitely read her other books IF she didn't freaking include any other frustrating character like Isabelle.

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