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Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1) by C.M. Stunich

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Real Ugly (Hard Rock Roots, #1)Real Ugly by C.M. Stunich
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OMG what did I just read???


This book has got some heavy stuff in it. And by heavy, I mean really heavy. C.M. has stuffed some not-so-pretty things in the book that are quite normal in the rockers world. Consider yourself warned.

Now, lets meet Naomi Isabelle Knox.

Lead guitarist for Amatory Riot. Twenty-three years old. Hot as hell. Mean as sin.


And Turner Dakota Campbell.

Lead singer of Indecency. Twenty-eight years old. Hot as hell too. Might as well change his name to Satan or Beelzebub or Lucifer or something.


Both Naomi and Turner were in the same tour. But Naomi became Turner's amusement, because she was so f*cking different.

Naomi f*cking hate Turner and Turner can't f*cking stand her.

There's a metamorphosis happening right before my eyes. I'm watching a devil shed its skin, shrink its horns and grow wings. The dark haze in the air is lifting, banished by the bright lights of the stage. Even metaphorically, a trick like that is hard to pull off. I'm impressed. Or I would be if I didn't hate the a*shole so much.

There was something that made her hate him so much but he just couldn't figure out what. But one by one his memories of six years ago came back to him.

Normally, when I lose a memory, it's gone for good. Not this one apparently. - Turner

Yeah, they have got history. But it was a fucking ugly one.

Real Ugly. That's life. Fucking hideous and hateful and bloody.

But Naomi was a freaking puzzle that was so hard to solve. She was a freaking roller coaster when it came to Turner.

"Something about her just pisses me off at the same time it gets me off." - Turner

But she had her solid reason...

"...he saved my life and fucked me both at the same time..." - Naomi

However, Turner was hell bent on fixing their pasts.

I'm twenty-eight fucking years old; I know what I want and how to get it at this point in my life. And now I know I want Naomi Knox. It's that simple, that easy. - Turner

He lost her once, he's not gonna lose her this time.

She's acting fierce, but I can see right through her. This chick is vulnerable, half ready to crack. Wonder if I could help her along a little? Broken souls are my specialty. - Turner

All of my secrets are sitting there in code, hidden between the blue lines with cryptic phrasing and a horrible abuse of the English language that makes it nearly impossible to guess what I'm hinting at. There's enough to give people pause, to open up the idea of discussion, but nothing too personal, nothing too incriminating. And that's just the way I like it. - Naomi

Well the main problem was, she hated him as much as she loved him.

Turner Campbell may not be the sole reason that I have trust issues, but he sure as shit didn't help. He could've cured me, I think, but instead, he dragged me backwards and left me in this state. Angry. Distrusting. Determined. - Naomi

But guess what? Our boy just fell in love!

I think I'm fucking nuts. Everybody does. But shit, when the heart wants something, it'll do anything to get it, and right now, mine's in a fucking frenzy.

I've gotta get mentally prepared for this falling in love crap. This shit's a lot harder than I first thought.

And he was unstoppable...

“I was thinking,” he tells me,...“That you might be, like, my saving grace or something.” “I didn't know I even needed one, but that's the point, isn't it? Help comes along when you least expect it.”

Although Naomi was obviously hell bent on resisting him.

God, I hate Turner. I hate him. Hate him. Hate him. Maybe if I repeat it enough, I'll be able to keep that emotion and that emotion only in my heart and ignore the other one that's been there since I was sixteen years old, the one that refuses to die. It's hard to kill love, isn't it? Even false love. It's like a persistent weed, one that has to be pulled out by the root and burned. - Naomi


The next words out of his mouth blow me away, break me up into little pieces, chew me up and spit me out. Holy fucking shit. “Let me give it to you straight, Naomi. I don't keep secrets. I hate them. They sit inside of you and they eat away at your fucking soul, so I'm just going to come right out with it.” Turner pauses and takes a deep breath, face shadowed in the dimness, cheekbones highlighted by a stray sliver of light that's leaking from the stage. Vaguely, I hear America in the background asking about Hayden, but I don't care. Right now, all of my attention is focused on Turner Campbell and his narcissistic delusions. “I'm in love with you.”


Do you know how hard it is to be offered the one thing you always wanted just after you've convinced yourself that you don't anymore? Just when you've accepted that you'll never have it? It's cruel. Worse than never being offered it at all.

They both were f*cked up..But Naomi was the master of the art of f*cking up things. She had secrets. Not one of those silly secrets where she had a traumatic childhood or what, they were seriously serious secrets. She was one of my favourite heroine ever because despite of all the f*cked up things in her life, she fought each battle with her head held up. Yeah, she fought back as hard as she could. I was so freaking intrigued with her and her secrets that I couldn't stop perusing the book for them. But the ending? *sighs* I knew a cliffhanger was waiting for me, but it just didn't stop me from being frustrated, but don't worry, it was a nice kind of frustration lol


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