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Fever (Breathless, #2) by Maya Banks

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Fever (Breathless, #2)Fever by Maya Banks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read the excerpt included in Rush, and bam I was all intrigued about how things would go for Jace. So after almost a week of reading I finished the book and Maya Banks surely didn't disappoint.

Lets start with the couple.

Jace was a handsome broody rich billionaire.
One day, a beautiful homeless woman named Bethany caught his eyes.
But the problem is..Jace shares woman with his best friend, Ash.

He wanted her, she wanted him, but of course Ash unintentionally interrupted things.

Ash asked Bethany to join them in a threesome.
Surprising Jace, she agreed to join them.
Jace wanted her so badly that he was willing to go with it just to have her.

They had a threesome. Things went awkward after that and Jace declared that he was not sharing Bethany anymore.
[Talking about why I didn't like this arrangement, well you don't FUCKING share what you love!]

Jace fell head over heels in love with Bethany.

"He closed his eyes, inhaling her sweet scent as he surrounded her with him, with his touch. Hell, who was he fooling? It wasn’t that he was surrounding her with him. No, he was surrounding himself with . . . her."

But Bethany was not sure taht she truly deserved him.

“You deserve better.”

Jace swore viciously. “You’re honest. Blunt. Normally I’d like that. Hell, I’d love it. I appreciate honesty and someone who speaks the truth without regard to consequences. But goddamn it, Bethany. I deserve better? What the ever-loving fuck is that about? What about what you deserve? Have you ever given thought to that?”

But when you have someone like Jace loving you, how could you say 'no'?

“You’re crazy,” she muttered again. “Or maybe I’m crazy.”
“As long as we’re crazy together, I’m good with it.”

Jace knew that Bethany had insecurities but he wasn't giving up on her.

“Be warned. I’m fighting for you and I have no intention of losing.”

Bethany loved Jace. But she was scared of what the future held for her.

Her life wasn’t much. But it was what she was used to. How was she supposed to make the adjustment from her world to his?
Yes, he’d been adamant that they lived in the same world, but she knew better. They may occupy the same universe, but his life was so different than hers that she couldn’t even comprehend it. He had wealth and power. His life was well ordered and he had exacting standards. What on earth did he want with her?

And Jace, being Jace kept fighting for her.

“I’m real, baby. This is real. We are real..."

"...We all make mistakes, baby. Nobody is perfect. I’m not. You’re not. It would be boring as shit if we were.”

And yes, he was persistent.

"...I’m a persistent bastard and I never walk away from something I want, whether in business or my personal life.”

He surrounded her, touched her, filled her. Filled places that had long been left hollow and aching. He reached into the very heart of her and spread warmth and contentment.

And then she began to unravel. Everything she’d held so tightly within for so long began to loosen.
It was too much. He’d said she undid him, but in truth she was the one coming completely undone.

But she was too insecure to believe in a happy ending.

Fairy tales didn’t happen for girls like her and yet she’d walked right into the middle of one. But this one wasn’t destined for a happily-ever-after. That only happened in fiction. She was too well acquainted with the way things worked in real life. Real life sucked. But it was real. It was unapologetic. It made no excuses. It just was.

And Jace grew tired of her shutting him out.

“I wasn’t leaving,” she whispered.
“Thank fuck for that,” he muttered. “But Bethany? You and I have a hell of a lot to go over. I’ve tried to play this as delicately as possible but fuck it. Not doing that anymore. It’s time we do this my way.”

But don't worry, they were all blunt when it comes to about their feelings.

“You’ve shown me how things could be,” she whispered. “And I want it, Jace. I shouldn’t want it. I shouldn’t even dare to dream that something so beautiful could happen to me. But I want it all the same. But if you’re going to take it from me, if this is only temporary, some amusement for you, then I don’t want it because it will kill me to go back to my life.”

Jace was honest about his obsession.

“The truth is I’ve never felt this way about another woman. The truth is I’m fucking obsessed with you. The truth is I want you in any way I can have you. The truth is if you told me right now that you could never submit to me, never give me what I want so badly from you, that it wouldn’t matter. I’d take you any way I could have you. The truth is I’m not letting you go.”

“I’m not letting you go. Ever. It’s not happening. How the fuck am I supposed to get back to my life when you are my life? As if my life would mean a goddamn thing if you weren’t in it..."

Because he’d be damned if he let her walk out of his life when he’d waited thirty-eight years for her to walk into it.

“You are everything to me. Everything, Bethany. I don’t say that lightly. I’ve damn sure never said that to another woman. Hell, I’ve never said it to another human being.”

“I don’t fit into your world. How could I? I’m afraid that one day you’re going to realize that.”

“You are my world, baby. We’ve been over this.”

“You have more power, more control than you could possibly imagine. My heart is in your hands. That’s not bullshit. I’m not saying stuff I think you want to hear in order to manipulate you. I can’t be any more honest than this. I’m yours, baby. I’m putting it out there. My heart, my soul, it all belongs to you.”

"...Believe in yourself. In us. This is real. As real as it gets. Nothing has ever been more real in my life.”

And as usual, it ended with a happy ending for all of us!

Fairy tales did exist for girls like her. And she’d found her very own Prince Charming. She glanced down at the sexy, sparkly stilettos as Jace whirled her around the dance floor. She even had the shoes to prove it.

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