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Want by Stephanie Lawton

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by Stephanie Lawton
rating on goodreads : 3.94
rating by me: 3.00

Julianne counts the days until she can pack her bags and leave her old-money, tradition-bound Southern town where appearance is everything and secrecy is a way of life. A piano virtuoso, she dreams of attending a prestigious music school in Boston. Failure is not an option, so she enlists the help of New England Conservatory graduate Isaac Laroche to help her.
She can’t understand why he suddenly gave up Boston’s music scene to return to the South. He doesn’t know her life depends on escaping it. Julianne must face down madness from without, just as it threatens from within. Isaac must resist an inappropriate attraction, but an indiscretion at a Mardi Gras ball-the pinnacle event for Mobile’s elite-forces their present wants and needs to collide with sins of the past.
Will Julianne accept the help she’s offered and get everything she ever wanted, or will she self-destruct and take Isaac down with her?

My Thoughts:

I started reading this book two days ago, while reading The Breakaway. Lol it has became a habit of mine to pick two books at a time, can't help it. The reason why I picked this book was that I am a sucker for books concerning teacher-student relationship, not that I want to have one in real life though. So did this book meet my expection? No. Am I disappointed with it? A little bit. No, don't mistake me, this book is great. The story is nicely delivered. The twists are they but no, it's not my kind of book. It has violence, forbidden love, psycotic mother, stupid father, oblivious brother, loneliness, and surprising not much about school. Weird.

Things I love:
1. Dave is absolutely a worth-a-life friend
2. Mr. Cline is the best teacher ever
3. Percy, the bar bouncer is so nice to her lol (This is the MOST NOT IMPORTANT character of all but I love him lol)
4. The Cover... so cool!

Things I hate:
1. Juli's dad is so raspberrying oblivious to her scars and bruises
2. Juli's dad keeps on defending her mom after all she has done to Juli
3. Juli is so raspberrying stupid for not telling anybody about her mom, come on, she's raspberrying SEVENTEEN, not seven
4. Isaac is a selfish jerk
5. Juli's mom is so raspberrying sick!!! Not just mentally but as an overall. Don't bother telling me it's her sickness, she should know better not to live with others when she's such a psycho!!
6. Juli's brother, R.J. is so raspberrying stupid to not notice that she is tortured by their mom

So as an overall, I don't like this book, not hate it though.

Juli lost her virginity to Isaac but he left her when she needed her most. She ended up with her best friend, Dave, who was also Isaac's best friend.

Here's the sweet excerpt of the last chapter:

I take his hand and press it to my cheek. “I don’t deserve you.”
“No, really. Right now, I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anyone. I think—”
I swallow, not sure how my next words will be received. But no matter his reaction, they’re true. I feel it in my gut that this is the right thing to do.
“I think I need some time. Not that I don’t love you, too. I do. But I need some time to myself to put me back together again. You don’t deserve a shell, and that’s all I am right now. You deserve the real me, not who I’ve been the past few months.”
He leans forward and presses his forehead against mine. “Gorgeous and smart.”
“You said you believe good things come to those who wait. Think you can wait a little longer for me?”
“You got it, kitten.”


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